Monday, 18 August 2008

differences between public and private dentist

Private Dentistry
1. Working time-Flexible, especially if own practice, can set own time. If employed as assistant, working times to be discussed with boss.
2. Income is 35-40%, no matter whether owned or under commission.
3. Fees are more flexible. If own practice, set own price, if not, set clinic price.
4. Patient clientele/ faithful patient base is important
5. City practice- higher costs, wealthier clientele, marketing pressures and competition to be dealt with.
6. Continued need to keep up with education/technology
7. Greater personal pressure, dental work judged more closely b/c patients are paying for treatment. Income and success of practice dependant on clients returning and referrals to increase patient base.
8. May not be able to afford expensive specialist equipment in a small clinic.
9. Not as rigid on infection control. Not as much paper work on it.
10. Must develop credible contacts for patient referrals.

11. A small practice does not need a special person to manage it.

Public Dentistry
1. Working time more rigid. Hospital settings, hospital opening hours. Overtime is paid.

2. Salaried, regular, skill based. Lower income than private.

3. Hospital prices
4. Generally no problems generating a wide patient base.
5. Costs covered by hospital, lower income clientele.

6. On the job training is provided

7. Less personal pressure.

8. Access to good, advanced, even specialist equipment.
9. Emphasis on infection control. Strictly regulated by hospital.
10. Multidisciplinary, easy to refer to other health professionals for consolidation of medical history.
11. Opportunities for career advancement especially in management of people, clinic, resources and communication.

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luppy said...

dh tu..
doc yana..
which one u prefer most??
public or private..

p/s: seram tgk pic entry ni..besar nya gerudi gg tu..takot lak..haha

~*miss yana*~ said...

well..i prefer public safe..lagipun pompuan mne leh bizi sgt..(nampak sgt pemaleh)

luppy said...

baru btul nk bakti kt msyrkt..
eyh dentist ade on-call x??

~*miss yana*~ said...

ada kalau xcident tulang kat mandible patah ke..pecah kat jaw ke..kne ar incharge surgery..tataw a sangat..but ade la..