Friday, 15 August 2008

i'm done..

I don't know why i write this kind of thing..

This morning after subuh prayer suddenly the memory that i have tried to erase came back to me after quite some old friends keep asking about how is going on between me and someone that i knew for years..then i tried to recall the memories with him..actually we are not saying anything.. i mean a formal goodbye or something..we just decided to have some kind of temporary separation..but then i realize that this kind of relationship is not right..

At first of course it's hurt.. i mean i can feel the pain deep inside me but i acted like there's nothing wrong with me.. And now it healed with a strong determination insyaALLAH..I'm not regret because i think i have made a wise and precise decision...choosing between my feeling and my belief..

I decided to choose my belief...

*enough said*

2 komen disini:

luppy said...

waa..ini mcm kes clash??
hurm stiap sorg psti akn melaluinya..lumrah tu
hrp dh buat choice yg plg tip top..
truskn hdup sprti yg diimpikan coz 'life is like a dream'..kan3

Fatin Surayya said...

aku kagum ar dgn ko, yana
seriously, i do.