Monday, 18 August 2008

kenapa doctor?

i got this from medical student group thread.. i found it quite interesting..

1. I hate to sleep.

2. I want to stay in school forever.

3. Nobody can read my hand writing.

4. I have too much money.

5. I think I’ve enjoyed my life enough.

6. I can’t live without tension.

7. I want to pay for my sins!

8. I love spending time with snobby self-centered people who feel they own everyone and everything, and I don’t mind turning into one!

9.I like the feeling of writing out a prescription and giving it to someone knowing that they are gonna be ok after taking it.

10. I hate the outdoors, nature, and sunshine and I'd much rather breathe stale air, bathe my eyes in fluorescent lighting, and spend my days surrounded by depressing white walls.

11. I want 2 depend on my parents 'til i'm forty.

12. I only enjoy reading obscenely long books with no artistic quality and loads of disgusting pictures.

13. Mucus, pus, blood, urine....uhmmm, turn-ONs!

14. I always take the HARD way out. All my friends enjoying life, earning money, aaagh! Why do I always pick the most complicated, time-consuming choice?

15. Cz i got high marks in high school, and didnt like this effort to be in vain by joining other colleges accepting students with lower marks!

16. Cz i thought i can adapt to the system of study without having the least background about how it really is!

17. I don't feel I need to enjoy my time on Earth.

18. Any other choice would be a compromise... in other words: Daddy made me do it.

19. Because I love being humiliated by my seniors.

20. i love oxygen and gas, that's why i need the operating theatre.

21. My parents are both doctors, and I am the product of this sadistic relationship.


-People Respect You
-Society looks up to you with trust
-People think you are super brain
-Curing someone makes you utterly satisfied
-I am so horrible at MATH

24. i love to drink coffee

4 komen disini:

luppy said...

my first reason..
sbb mak suruh jd doc..
dri sdri mnat dentist..
tp nk buat camne..:(
layan jer laa..jd minat pulak skrg

alsn's' knapa nk jd doc dlm entry ni boleh diterima..huehehe

~*miss yana*~ said...

laa yeke..minat boleh dipupuk...lagipon field lebeh kurang jer... XD

luppy said...

tu laa..nsib baik xbeze mana..
xmnyesal la sgt..
ade hikmah bila ikut plhn keluarga ni..:)
tp bab kawen xley r..huehehe
out of topic~

~*miss yana*~ said...

erk..haha..hmm actually lebih kurang sama je..but dental byk guna playar cm technician ar kot..